Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Workshop: Activities

September finds us back in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Building with dimmer lighting than we would like but with lots of room for a larger number of participants. (All desks have outlets, so if you have a portable light, feel free to plug in!). We always start the meetings with our book exchange and members enjoy seeing the artists present their books.
Michele reads her book on bugs

Connie uses pink Valentine papers to create a photo album

Pat shows a book of her photos of Palm Springs botanicals

Bobbie shows off pivoting panels of her 10 cats

Dolores Guffey gave another great workshop—this time on an accordion structures with faux-woven spines. All pages were pre-cut (thank you Dolores) but workshop participants got to choose the style of the spine and then figure out how to adapt the general instructions to meet their needs.

A demo of accurate accordion folding

The accordion completed

Cutting initial slots
Weaving the pages

Different styles of weaving
Careful cutting
Final Results!
The book structure and its instructions should be included in the Project Page for next month's newsletter. Now that members have completed their prototypes, we'll see many creative variations of this structure in the months to come.

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