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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Arts Alive, 2010

Our third annual Book Arts exhibition with Eureka Books was wonderful in so many ways. The redesigned cabinetry and floor space made it very easy for the crowds to move around and view all of the books and the 1000 Books hanging from the mezzanine railings added to the festive atmosphere. The great variety of book structures and the fact that these art objects could be picked up and enjoyed resulted in the audience receiving quite an education in the book arts. People were fascinated with Dolores Guffey's demonstration of sewing an exposed spine binding called "Bow Tie" and people enjoyed refreshments provided by Scott, Jack, Amy, and Peggy of Eureka Books.

 One of the main tables in back of the store.
View from the mezzanine. 
View of the front of the store.
This great shot shows most of the display space with the 1000 Books.
Dolores demonstrating a sewing frame and book cradle.
Michele "wearing" her Differential Equations pocketBook.
Sandy rearranging what remained of 1000 Books.
Many thanks to NORBAG participating artists, the Exhibition Committee, volunteers who helped construct 1000 Books, our member photographers, and Scott Brown of Eureka Books for being such a great, supportive partner in this event.
You'll enjoy seeing all of the books on Flickr:
Eureka Books Exhibition 2010
*Mouse over photos to identify artists and you can click on Slideshow.

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  1. Hey, what a great show! It was a pleasure as a long distance member to be able to see what your wonderful show looked and felt like. What fun you must have had! I looked at the flickr site also as a slide show so I could study everyone's marvelous creations. Way to go!