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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2017 Holiday Social and Card Exchange

Each month, the North Redwoods Book Arts Guild has a monthly meeting with a  workshop and book exchange. The book exchange is based on a theme that is either a structure or a specific content. These themes change from year to year and are both suggested by and voted on by our membership. We have three meetings a year that don't follow this pattern. In February, our exchange is a Valentine's Day card. In September the theme is "Second Chance" when we make a book of our choice.

December is not a conventional meeting but our social event of the year. Instead of our usual location in Eureka (a meeting room), we meet at the home of Sandy V in the hills of Arcata where we have a wonderful view of the area. 

The card exchange is somewhat similar to cookie exchanges. In October, we sign up to participate in the holiday exchange. This year 29 people who live down the street, across the nation or even across "the Pond" agreed to make cards. Each participant designs their own card with themes from Christmas to the winter season in general. Just like a cookie exchange, we come with our own cards and go home with one from each of our participating friends. 

Since this is our annual social event everyone is welcome regardless if you are participating in the exchange. Everyone gets to see and handle the cards. We put them on the dining room table and walk around gathering one card from each participant (controlled chaos) and then sit in the living room talking about how the cards are made, what they are made of, and what inspired us to make them. Each of us brings some kind of finger food to share. And we laugh and talk throughout the event.

When we arrive, we bring the cards into the dining room.

All the participants have a name card where we place our cards.

Out-of-town participants must mail their cards to arrive in time for the event. 

We line up anxiously awaiting for the bell to gather our cards.
 Each person has a bag with their name on it. When all of the cards are out, we walk around the table picking up one card from each pile.

After our bags are filled, we sit in the living room. One at a time, we tell about our card. Those members who participate in the exchange but cannot attend, send a colophon to be read.

Each of us brings a bit of something to nibble on, sweet and savory.

Sandy's home is spacious. There is always plenty of room to talk and eat.

It's so inviting.

Talking and eating. Eating and talking.

Photos of each of the cards have been taken. Toward the end of the month, the pictures will be on Flickr. Check back a bit after Christmas by coming to this website and tapping the link on the left for the "Guild Flickr Gallery".