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Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016 NORBAG Holiday Social

We local NORBAG members had our annual holiday social and “card” exchange on December 10, 2016. Approximately 30 of us attended. Sandy V. hosted the event at her home.

This is our hostess, Sandy, in the kitchen with all of our nibbles.

We each brought a small plate of finger foods to share. Those of us who had signed up in advance to participate in the card exchange also brought our cards. This is something like a cookie swap. We bring as many “identical” cards as there are people signed up plus one for the NORBAG library. This year we had 31 participating (10 from out of town).

The cards are all arranged on a table along with name tags. It is quite an impressive display.

The display of cards...all so different

Then we line up and walk around the table collecting one of each of the cards (including our own). Then the fun starts. Dolores calls a name and and that person tells about making the card or the inspiration for making the card. There is a lot of laughter and fun.

Val H. and Leila S.

Diane W. and Becky M.

On couch:  Peggy M. and Kay C.
Behind: Barbara C., Edge G., Lynne (behind lamp) Susan B., Beth M. and Diane W.

Kitchen: Connie S. and Alex S. Ellen G.
 At pillar: Ellen G. Chairs on right: Becky M., Barbara C., Lara C., Edge G.

Be sure to click on the Flickr Gallery link to see photos of all of the wonderful holiday cards.