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Friday, January 20, 2012

Pop-up Workshop

Our last meeting included an introductory workshop on pop-ups that was loads of fun.

There was lots of stuff for us to play with. Since Valentines Day is coming up, hearts were in abundance.

We learned the ins and outs of animated mouths,

 And pop-up panels:

And more:

Along with lots of cutting and pasting and popping out panels of paper, we also shared some of our favorite and most inspiring pop-up books, which were a joy to look at. Thanks go to our instructor Becky McAllister for such an enjoyable and informative afternoon!

Friday, January 6, 2012

January Workshop, Pop-up Cards

Did you love pop-up books when you were young? I still do! It's like opening
a present: there's a surprise inside! The really great thing is you can open it again and again, and still be delighted.

Learn to add dimension and delight to your cards and books by adding simple pop-up structures. I will bring some images for the pop-ups, but if you would like to make a themed card (Valentines anyone?), you can bring a few cutouts of your own. Just make sure they'll fit inside a standard greeting card. Some card stock will be provided, but if you want a specific color please bring that, too. If you have a favorite pop-up book or card in your collection, please bring it for show and tell.

Materials to bring:
• Cutting mat
• X-acto knife
• Bone folder
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Scoring tool
• Awl or push pin
• Glue stick or double sided tape
• Themed cutouts for pop-ups
• Card stock (if you want a certain color)
• Favorite pop-up card or book for show and tell

Materials provided:

• Images for pop-ups
• Card stock