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Tuesday, July 12, 2022


Once again we had a very successful NORBAG workshop via Zoom to learn a variation of a long stitch binding. Michele Kamprath led us through the steps to create a beautiful book that is very suitable for journaling. She made sure to remind us to actually use our blank journals and not just admire them on a shelf. The size and stitching pattern for this book is easily adaptable, but most of us made books that are 7.5” tall by 5” wide with eight signatures and a ¾” spine. When opened, the book lies flat making it very suitable for sketching or journaling. Thank you Michele for a great workshop.

Here are some examples of the books we made. 

Allegra Burke

Cheri Aldrich

Cheri fixed a folding error by stitching over it,
 thus giving it an added decorative feature.  

Margaret Beech
By making a "bow tie" in the center section
you can adjust the tension as well as adding interest.

Bosha Struve

Mary Conley

Bonnie Julien