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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Swap Your Stash

Crafter's Material Exchange

sponsored by Reuse Humboldt

Do you have too much "stuff" in your studio? Then this event is for you! Exchange your stuff for someone else's! Thanks again to Lorraine for keeping the guild up-to-date.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Prodigious Paper Painting

We had a great turnout of about 25 members who painted, pasted, stamped, and drew, resulting in some really fantastic papers. Sandy Vrem and Michele Kamprath coordinated and led the workshop. One of the wonderful things about a workshop is that members inspire each other with their very different creations. The photos below will show you some of the techniques used and the slideshow (YouTube) that follows will show you some of the results. Enjoy!

Ladies, start your scissors!

Some of the roller stamps

Not-roller stamps

Acrylic collection

The stamp and the results

Marie painting a" rolling pin" stamp

Printing with flip flops!!!

Custom cut roller and results

Paint palette

Washing acrylic paints off stamps—a must!

Bubble wrap stamp

Bubble wrap print

Sandy assisting Katy with her papers

Card created from painted papers

More cards

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fortuna Library Display

This is one exhibit that local members don't want to miss. Do go to the Fortuna Library to see a display of guild members' books! Thanks to Bonnie Jullien and Ilene Harris for collecting these books and creating such a wonderful display. One of the goals of the guild is to promote the books arts in our communities and anyone viewing this display will be delighted and maybe even enlightened. Do you recognize any of the artists?

Most of our members are not local. All members receive a monthly newsletter, are welcome to participate in our monthly exchanges, and yearly exhibits. Interested in joining? Membership

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Printed Paper with Acrylic Paint

Presented by Michele Kamprath and Sandy Vrem 

Join us for this fun and playful workshop where we will spend time stamping and decorating papers with metallic acrylic paint and gel pens that we can then use to make cards and other projects. We will share with you techniques we learned at a workshop given by Cheri Aldrich at the Newport Paper Arts Festival, Spring 2011. The March workshop will include instructions for creating beautiful text weight papers decorated with commercial and handmade rubber stamps, sponges, bubble wrap, screens, feathers and other found objects. We will use black text weight paper with metallic paint along with markers, gel pens and colored pencils to highlight our designs. After we have created decorated papers we will use them to make cards or an accordion book to display our work. We will  bring in samples to give you ideas of what you can do with your beautiful papers. Note: Don’t buy anything for this workshop; we will have lots of stuff you can use.

Materials to bring if you have them:
• Old toothbrush for washing stamps
• Small water container for washing stamps
• Old towel or paper towels for drying stamps
• Stamps, handmade and commercial screens, sponges, etc.
• Anything you can use for textured stamping
• Foam brushes for painting stamps
• Meat tray or other container for your paints
• Metallic or acryllic paints
• Roller
• Sharpies, colored pencils, gel pens (white gel pen looks great on black)
• Glue stick
• Scissors
• Apron

Materials we will bring:
• Black and colored text weight paper to decorate
• Cardstock for cards
• Paper for an accordion book
• Paper to cover work surface
• Foam brushes
• Containers
• Some acrylic paints
• Materials for stamping texture

Library Kiosk - Dolores' Books

The current Humboldt County Library features the books of Dolores Guffey, one of the guild's founding members. We hope you all get a chance to see the variety of books created by our paper marbler, and creative, dedicated book artist!