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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our Annual Winter Gathering

It's once again time for our annual winter gathering and card exchange. This is the one meeting of the year when we don't have a workshop. It is a time to celebrate and enjoy. Everyone is invited! You do not have to be in the exchange to come! Please bring a (not too gooey) finger food to share and come hang out with your Norbag friends.

We won't have the library at the gathering, but there will be a box so you can return any books you may have checked out.

We will meet at 12 noon on Saturday December 13 at Sandy V.'s house (not our usual meeting place!). Please check your printed newsletter for directions. (And thank you Sandy for once again graciously being our host!)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Workshop on November 8th with Judy Detrick

We had a wonderful time learning how to decorate capital letters, and it isn't just coloring in the blanks! The hardest part was learning how to "puddle" the watercolor or gouache and move the color around without letting the brush actually touch the paper. 

Here are some of our working models. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

November Workshop: Lettering

A time-honored way of capturing viewer attention and setting the stage for what’s to come is with a colorful decorated capital. In this workshop you will work through the stages of drawing your capital letter, applying a design motif to it, tracing it, and transferring it to its final destination. You will learn several layout tricks to position your capital in just the right place, although standing alone is fine, too. Then you will learn painting techniques with watercolor or gouache to bring your capital to life in full, living color. 

You may notice we are not showing Judy's project pictures here. Instead, we ask that
you go to: and see the examples of her work in color. on the Sept 23rd posting.

As of now, space is still available. Check with Dolores as to availability by contacting her at the email address in the sidebar.

Tools to Bring:
● Pencil
● Ruler
● Eraser
● Watercolor brush size 001 

● Small water jar
● Rag or paper towels

What will be provided:
● Everything else, including: 
● Watercolor paper
● Handout
● Watercolor paint and gouache

Meeting Details

Bring your lunch. Members who are not signed up are welcome to come
to the noon meeting and book exchange.

Decorated Capitals with Judy Detrick
Saturday, November 8 9am—4pm
Eureka United Methodist Church, Corner of Del Norte and F Street

Space is available
Contact Dolores (see newsletter)