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Monday, November 3, 2014

November Workshop: Lettering

A time-honored way of capturing viewer attention and setting the stage for what’s to come is with a colorful decorated capital. In this workshop you will work through the stages of drawing your capital letter, applying a design motif to it, tracing it, and transferring it to its final destination. You will learn several layout tricks to position your capital in just the right place, although standing alone is fine, too. Then you will learn painting techniques with watercolor or gouache to bring your capital to life in full, living color. 

You may notice we are not showing Judy's project pictures here. Instead, we ask that
you go to: and see the examples of her work in color. on the Sept 23rd posting.

As of now, space is still available. Check with Dolores as to availability by contacting her at the email address in the sidebar.

Tools to Bring:
● Pencil
● Ruler
● Eraser
● Watercolor brush size 001 

● Small water jar
● Rag or paper towels

What will be provided:
● Everything else, including: 
● Watercolor paper
● Handout
● Watercolor paint and gouache

Meeting Details

Bring your lunch. Members who are not signed up are welcome to come
to the noon meeting and book exchange.

Decorated Capitals with Judy Detrick
Saturday, November 8 9am—4pm
Eureka United Methodist Church, Corner of Del Norte and F Street

Space is available
Contact Dolores (see newsletter) 


  1. Do you ever provide instructions for your intriguing book structure workshops for international members who are only able to dream of joining you at a workshop one day? Thanks.

  2. Tammy, it is up to the instructor if they wish to share information about the workshop with our members who do not live in the area, but for the most part this is not feasible due to the fact that our workshops are "hands-on" and one needs to be present to learn the techniques. Written instructions are not always part of the workshop and materials may or may not be supplied by the instructor, which further complicates sharing. The monthly newsletter generally has a project page with full instructions and illustrations, so all members can make a book like object each month. The newsletter usually has contact information for the instructor of the month and you could ask them if they have materials that could be sent. Hope this helps. (Editor)