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Friday, July 31, 2015


   Are you ready to play? The August workshop will be both messy and fun! Carolyn J., Terri T., & Vikki Y. will guide you through an afternoon of surface design techniques for making one-of-a-kind papers. Stations for exploring at least ten different techniques will be available...some familiar, some new...try as few or as many as you like. These techniques all emphasize playfulness, spontaneity and exploration, plus an openness to serendipity over control. Workshops will be set up both in and out of doors. All basic materials will be provided.

Materials & Tools To Bring:
  • An apron or wear old clothes
  • Rubber gloves
  • A hat (if it's a sunny day)
  • A brayer (any size, if you have one)
  • Papers to experiment with (some will be provided, but variety is always good.

What Will Be Provided:
  • Stacks of miscellaneous paper
  • All inks, paints, dyes
  • All tools needed to create at least 10 different surface designs
  • Printed explanations of each technique

WHEN:   Saturday, August 8 at 12 noon
WHERE: Carolyn's house. please check the newsletter for directions
RSVP:    By Aug. 6 to Carolyn (contact information in the newsletter) 
COST:    None

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Humboldt County Library Kiosk Display

A new display in the Humboldt County library kiosk features books from NORBAG's out-of-town members. Many of these books were made for our local book exchanges, and others were made for exhibitions and subsequently  purchased by other members. It takes a bit more planning to participate in the monthly book exchanges when you live outside of Humboldt County, but it is well worth the effort and certainly appreciated by all of us. Many thanks to Becky M. for arranging and maintaining the kiosk displays. Also, you can see each month's exchange books by tapping the link labeled "Flickr photos" on the left.

Margaret Beech, York, England

Margaret Beech, York, England

Jill McInerney, Yorkshire, England

Jill McInerney, Yorkshire, England

Becky Luening, Portland, Oregon

Becky Luening, Portland, Oregon

Bonnie Julien, Bremerton, Washington

Bonnie Julien, Bremerton, Washington

Carol Stallard, Shelton, Washington

Catherine von Schwind, Pebble Beach, California

Catherine von Schwind, Pebble Beach, California

Edith Fuller, Portland, Oregon

Karen Butts, Dragoon, Arizona

Linda Hirsch, Coquille, Oregon

Mary Conley, Victoria, B.C., Canada

Mary Elizabeth Nelson, Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Sandy Hansen, Denver, Colorado

Randi Parkhurst, Olympia, Washington

Pamela Eberly, Hatch, New Mexico

Vivienne Bruce, Victoria, B.C., Canada

Monday, July 13, 2015

Christmas in July Workshop

There was a great turnout of 28 members for Beth McIlraith's ornament-making workshop this past weekend. Participants made book oriented circle ornaments as well as little star books that can be tied and hung as an ornament. 

These little ornaments and books were not made using typical Christmas icons. The pictures and text came from the text blocks that Beth does not use when making her Second Chance journals. 

The ornament structures are made from unused papers from her journals. Both of the structures are small enough to collapse and enclose with cards. She also brought pages from books by Beatrix Potter, and other books such as Winnie the Pooh, that were destined for recycling.

Thank you to Beth for her creative workshop and Dolores for providing the photographs.

Beth setting up her supplies and ornament examples

Beth demonstrating the star book

Pat C., Lynne G., and Leila S. work on their circle ornaments

Circles ready to assemble

Completed circle ornaments

Assembling the star book pieces

A finished star book