Saturday, September 11, 2010

NORBAG's New Website Address

North Redwoods Books Arts Guild has expanded our website and changed the address. Many thanks to member, John Anderson, for constructing the site. Please visit and bookmark the page. and note the following pages:

  • Home: The sidebar will highlight current book art news.
  • Workshop: The sidebar will maintain a running list of workshops held in the current year, complete with a link to photos taken during the actual workshop. The bottom of the sidebar includes a link to the list of workshops taught since 1995.
  • Exchange: The sidebar lists the exchange themes for the current year. This will be really handy if you cannot find your newsletter! If we have the photos of the exchange books, you will see an active link on that theme. The main text describes how we run the exchanges.
  • About Us: The sidebar lists officers and has a contact. The main text describes a bit about our guild community.
  • Join Us: The sidebar contains a link to a pdf file of all of the books in the Guild library. If you're thinking about buying a book, check the list as we may have it. There is also a link to a printable membership form. The main text lists the benefits of becoming a member.
  • Blog: This directs you to our blog. 

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  1. The recent flurry of election related junk mail provided ample material for a home made paper project with the torn-up flyers nearly 1/2 of a grocery bag just for the material from one house
    hold!! Many years ago Dorothy Swendeman was my
    teacher and inspiration for fiber arts. I am in a spinning and fiber group in Butte County and am hoping to see if other members would like to do a paper project. I have done paper making with grade school kids, and hope to make christmas holiday paper for cards this season.
    Laurel the new web site)