Tuesday, March 24, 2020


For the first time in 25 years NORBAG cancelled a meeting and workshop this March. Along with a concern about the corona virus, we were not able to use our usual large airy room because of a church event. Also, the governor of California had requested that people 65 years and older self-isolate and others who are able, to work from home. That request has now been updated for everyone to remain at home. Based on that, and on news of the progression of the virus, we’ve decided to put all future meetings on hold. The monthly newsletter will continue, but probably with less pages.

Those who wish to may continue making the themed exchange books, but at present we don’t know when they will be viewed or exchanged at future meetings. If you would like to share your projects or thoughts/suggestions on how to cope with our current isolation situations please send any jpg photos or information to Bonnie Julien to publish on the blog. Please check the newsletter for Bonnie's email address.

Bookmaking can be a time to relax and reflect so …in the words of Dolores Guffey, “May the creative forces be with all of us!”

For a little inspiration check out these "oldies but goodies" exchange books from years past.

Dragonfly by Becky Luening - May 2005

Dragonfly is an accordion with tabs sewn on with a pamphlet stitch.

Soup by Margaret Beech - June 2006

This is a flag book with display pockets sewn in the middle with a pamphlet stitch.

Happy Birthday by Dolores Guffey - September 2008

Die-cut cakes sewn with French Link stitch.

Cake Baking by Peggy Marrs - October 2009

Peggy's original watercolors were scanned for this edition.

One full sheet of Mi Teints paper was used for this structure. No sewing!

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