Monday, March 30, 2020


Since we, and most of the world, are staying home in hope of flattening the curve of coronavirus cases, this blog will strive to offer some comments on activities as well as projects from some of our members. We will try to update the blog every two weeks, so be sure to check in for new ideas as well as information about when regular NORBAG workshops will resume.

Our member from York, England, Margaret Beech, has always generously shared her ideas with us. Margaret takes simple structures and elevates them into beautiful works of art. If you subscribe to Bound and Lettered magazine you’ve probably seen some of Margaret’s projects. Below we offer Margaret’s version of a WOW fold and an envelope to go with it. She encourages you “to make something, pop it into an envelope and mail it to a friend as a Random Act of Kindness during the current time of national crisis and social isolation.”

This WOW fold uses a 20 cm square of paper and fits exactly into a 10 cm square card. (U.S. measurements would be 8" for a 4" card, however any size square will work and just adjust the card accordingly.) Margaret says, “I am not suggesting you should make anything very sophisticated — just something that will fit into an envelope to be mailed. You may prefer just to make a square greeting card with a square of your own decorated paper on the front. Or a square card with a tiny envelope on the front, perhaps with a tiny card with a cheer up or greeting. I would encourage you to make your own greetings cards generally. I always have a store of them (birthday, get well, thinking of you, sending love, new home etc.) and can honestly say I have not bought a commercial card for over thirty years –think how much money I have saved! And you could too!”

The WOW structure fits exactly into the card so Margaret suggests
 for an 8" WOW you might want to use a 4.5" square card. 

WOW opened

Back of card

Thank you Margaret for sharing your worksheets with us.

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