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Saturday, July 13, Edge Gerring and Lynne Gurneé led a workshop that added to the myriad of ways to decorate our paper art with collage. The term collage was coined in the early 20th century and is derived from the French word “coller” which means to glue. The art form combines different images from various sources to make a new whole. We were introduced to the use of napkins and tea bags as one source of decoration.

Lynne and Edge gave us techniques and materials information that would work for all types of collage. They talked about the supports (background) that can be as substantial as book board or to the ephemeral tea bags. They told us of the different adhesives that can be used and the properties of each. They taught how to layer collage. They brought a multitude of napkins for us to use with all kinds of designs such as cute little cats, florals, dragonflies and pretty backgrounds. We were shown how to separate the different ply (layers of the napkin) and how to use the images. We also learned how to have a feathered edge by using a moistened brush around the outline rather that using scissors. (By the way, this is also a good way to get a deckle edge on handmade papers.) Edge and Lynne supplied an excellent information sheet that can be used as a reference for collage.

If the room looks different, it is. We ordinarily have a room in the church event hall.
This day, we met in the Fireside room. Cozier, but not as bright as we are used to. 
And, no, it didn't slow us down a bit.
This is Lynne behind the table of materials she and Edge brought.

Lynne displaying a sample.

Edge (left) demonstrating a technique.

Choosing artwork to use

Cutting the napkin for a support (bookmark this time)

Using Mod Podge to affix the napkin to the support

Affixing a single napkin to a support on lower example. The upper example 
shows how an image might be applied to the printed page.

Affixing multiple images to a support.

More samples of how this works. Notice the leaf at the top of the page. 
It is a leaf that has been affixed to a card. On the right is a little pink
book that we could make using paper that Lynne and Edge brought.

The rest of the pictures are of members busy at work.

Many thanks are due to both Edge and Lynne. We learned about the decorative value of napkins, but we also learned about collage in general.

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