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Tuesday, July 30, 2019


The next NORBAG workshop on August 10 will feature a Hedi Kyle structure taught by Dolores Guffey.  Mary Elizabeth Nelson shared this with Dolores after she learned it at a "Book Paper Scissors" workshop taught by Erin Sweeney. It is a very adaptable structure in that you may make the pages using a single color or each page can be a different color. The pocket of one page adheres to the next page. If you are using different colors, then the pocket will be a different color from the page to which it is adhered. Dolores requests that those attending the workshop come with all their pages cut to size.

Materials to bring:

  • 4 pieces of paper cut to 4" x 11" (one piece becomes the front cover) Suggested papers include Mi-Teintes, Fabriano, plain cardstock, or watercolor paper that doesn't crack when folded.
  • 1 piece of paper 4" x 7" (back cover)
  • 1/2" double sided tape (needs to be the type that you remove the protective layer)
  • art work, illustrations, etc., (3" x 6") to be placed in the pockets. The 3" edge may need to be trimmed as necessary to slide into the pocket. Of the 6", only 3 1/2" will be inside the pocket and the remaining 2 1/2" will be visible (see photo above).
Tools to bring:

  • metal ruler, pencil, eraser
  • scissors
  • craft knife, cutting mat
  • scoring tool
  • bone folder
Note: There is an option to cut "windows" in the pocket, so that part of the artwork in the pocket would be revealed before the artwork is removed from the pocket.

When?   Saturday, August 10 at noon
Where?  Eureka Methodist Church, Del Norte and F Streets
Bring?    See list above - with papers cut in advance
RSVP?    Yes, by Wed. Aug. 7 to Dolores. Contact information in the newsletter
Cost?     Free! 

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