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Monday, July 10, 2023


 Our July workshop of Sewn Boards Binding with Sewn-in Wrapper taught by Celeste Chalasani was very well presented and attended! Thank you Celeste for showing us a different way to bind a book block that also showcases the cover. The book shown below was made by Sherrill Story.

This book was made by Michele Kamprath

Thanks go to Kenzie Mullen for creating the book exhibits in the kiosk inside the Humboldt County Library in Eureka, California. The latest exhibit showcased exchange books made by Bonnie Julien.

Here is a new challenge from Bonnie Halfpenny...

Try to Remember!

Here is a challenge- can you remember how you first became aware of book arts? I was trying to figure this out for myself. It certainly wasn't from seeing them in a museum! It wasn't from finding a great discussion of them in a book. It wasn't from hearing about them in any art class. I do know I saw an exciting exhibit of them about 25 years ago at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in La Jolla, CA, where we happened to be vacationing (escaping Phoenix heat). I remember I was impressed by the variety of book forms and media used. That institution now has a collection of more than 2200 artists' books if you are ever down that way.

But, back to the question! Maybe some of you were lucky enough to be taking art classes where they had book arts on offer, but that didn't happen for me. It would be interesting to hear the various ways that you became aware of this field. So give your brain a workout and let us know how and when this fertile field opened for you. Send your responses to me at or

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