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Tuesday, January 17, 2023


 The first NORBAG workshop of 2023 got off to a great start thanks to our member from the UK, Margaret Beech. She taught us how to make a very unusual box that turned out to be "possible", rather than "impossible". What makes this box seem impossible is that it is one sheet of paper folded in such a way that the top remains connected yet you can still open it to enclose something inside. There is no chance of losing the top to this box!

Here are some photos of boxes made by class participants.

Mary Elizabeth Nelson aka Emmy
This shows the box before the bottom
 pieces are woven together.

Emmy used her beautiful cyanotypes
 on black Mi-Teintes to decorate the box.

This is the top of the box. Push down
 in the center to access the inside.

The box closed up.

Carol DuBosch

Here you can see how the top part
 lifts up and the triangular sections
 are pushed down to access the inside.

Carol enjoyed the workshop so much that she decided to make a larger box. She discovered that by using a Proportional Scale she could expand the dimensions 120% and end up with a box 3" x 3" rather than the 2 1/2" square boxes we made in the workshop.

The decorated paper is a photo copy (super reduced)
 of a poster Carol created with 100 writing tools.

This shows how the top opens up while
still connected to the bottom part.

The box top lifted and ready for access.

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