Monday, June 13, 2022


Making a collection of Belly Bands was the project for the June NORBAG workshop taught by Dolores Guffey. First we made a simple one signature pamphlet stitched book to use as the model for our bands. Next, Dolores led us through making a series of eight different bands from a very simple wraparound one to a more decorative interlocking origami style band. 

By displaying several different books, she also showed how belly bands can be used to hold a book closed, but they can also give a hint as to what the reader will see inside. It was a very informative workshop and I suspect we'll be seeing many more exchange books with different belly bands in the future.

An example of just how creative our members can be with "on the fly" ideas, Margaret Beech shared her idea of folding simple pockets into her model book to hold each of the different belly bands. What a perfect way to keep all the bands in one place to use as prototypes for future books.

Margaret's book showing the folds for the different belly bands.

Margaret's version of the Interlocking origami style band.

Sue Reynolds' book showing the circle & brad
band that incorporates a tie.

Bosha Stuve's book holds all her prototypes.
The cover of Bosha's book


Bonnie Julien's book

The inside of Bonnie's book with pockets.

Mary Elizabeth Nelson's book with her
beautiful cyanotype papers and belly band in place.

Inside the book with pockets for the bands.

Looking down at the book.

The 2022 Puget Sound Book Artists 11th annual members' exhibition opened at Collins Memorial Library on the campus of the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. The theme this year is Peaks & Valleys. Here are a few photographs from the Exhibit. More photos will follow in future posts. The exhibit will continue through August 5, 2022.

Mark Hoppmann, The Genie Within

Ann Storey, Encompassed by Light and Life

Laurel Moorhead, Knock, Knock, Who's There?

Debbi Commodore, Take a Moment

Laura Russel, The Enchanting Desert

Mary Preston, Phrases/Phases/Faces of the Moon

Debbi Commodore, This

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