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Sunday, May 15, 2022


The Newport Paper and Book Art Festival (NPBAF) celebrated its 25th anniversary (a year late) in April. It was very well attended by 18 NORBAG members, including four who were also instructors (Donna Gephart, Dolores Guffey, Margo Klass and Sandy Vrem). Every one of the 19 classes offered had at least one NORBAG member in attendance. To view a short video showing scenes from the festival through the years, visit:

There was a wonderful art exhibit at the Visual Arts Center that featured work by many current and former festival attendees. Works by several NORBAG members were included. A 50-minute video tour of the exhibit, hosted by Cheri Aldrich and Sandy Williams, is worth seeing. video will be available until the end of May. 


Below are some of the books made by NORBAG members.

Cheri Aldrich's Panorama Book taught by Connie Stricks

Cheri Aldrich's collage from Arlene Warner's class

Cheri Aldrich's Pocket book taught by Connie Stricks

Bosha Struve made several items in
 Sandy Vrem's Colorful Surface Design class

Tags by Bosha Struve

Carolyn Jones took Wendy Schwartz's Gel Plate class

Carolyn also took Iris Daire's class on Indigo Dyeing

Edge Gerring took Pietro Accardi's Zoom class on
 Articulated Bindings

Another view of Edge's book that used Pietro's marbled paper


Michele Kamprath's Indigo Dyed pieces from Iris Daire's class

More of Michele Kamprath's Indigo Dyed pieces

Book covers from Margo Klass's class on
 Stitching Patterns & Textures

Michele Kamprath's cover from Margo's class

A view of the inside of Michele's book

Dolores Guffey's book from Margo's class

Dolores working on her stitching

Here is an example of the tiny stitching on someone's book

Top book is by Michele Kamprath
Bottom book by Jean Wyatt

Top book by Sandy Vrem

Jean Wyatt's box from Moe Snyder's class, Five Sides To Every Story

Jean's beautiful box closed.

Tired, but happy group at the end of a busy day of book art.
Cheri Aldrich, Jackie Gardner, Dolores Guffey & Sandy Vrem

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