Monday, October 18, 2021


Margaret Beech's revolving cubes workshop was great fun. More than 40 participants joined on Zoom. We each made two identical origami boxes and threaded straps around them to create a cube that would revolve in four directions and then move back to the original place. There were "squeals of delight" as everyone played with their new "toys". Margaret told us that this structure has no real purpose, but it sure is fun to play with. In a serendipitous way, it turns out that these boxes could have a purpose beyond being a sculptural plaything.

During the workshop, our technical coordinator Bobbie, had the brilliant idea to make two more boxes that could be inserted upside down into each of the open origami boxes. These boxes then serve as added reinforcement and give a more finished look when the boxes are revolving. Because one could also hide little things inside the boxes they now have a useful purpose. Margaret suggested that you make these new boxes 1/2" smaller than the originals. I tried making my new set of boxes just 1/4" smaller and they fit snuggly, but still can be easily removed. It might depend upon the type of paper you use so it's good to make a model first to see what size works best.

Thank you to Margaret for a very fun and unique workshop, and to Bobbie for her very clever addition.

Margaret Beech

Here are photos of some of the boxes made by our members.

Bobbie Hayes

Bobbie Hayes

Carol DuBosch

Carol DuBosch

Mary Elizabeth Nelson

Mary Elizabeth used her beautiful cyanotype paper.

Kathy Warren

Kathy Warren

Margaret Beech's example shows the addition of the
second set of boxes.

Second set of boxes shown on the right. They do not need
the added reinforcement we used on the original boxes.

If our local members have an opportunity to visit the Humboldt County Library in Eureka, they will find a new display of our artist books and cards. Here are some photos.

Thank you Kenzie for the display and Dolores for the photographs.

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