Tuesday, August 17, 2021


For those of us who were fortunate enough to attend the August 14th Zoom workshop on how to embroider on paper, it was a terrific experience. Celeste Chalasani provided us with a set of great worksheets that we could print out and use to practice various stitches. She also gave us a lot of useful tips including which end of the DMC folded thread package to pull out the end of the thread (the side with the color number printed on the label). The best part is that we now have these great little sample sheets that can be put together into a book for handy reference. Here are a few examples of completed books.

Margaret tied her individual sheets together with kite thread.

Dianne pasted her examples into an accordion book.

Bonnie also used an accordion structure and added a cover
 with additional decorative stitching.

Here are a few screenshots of Celeste's embroidery.

These examples show embroidery onto photographs
to add a three-dimensional quality.

Can you find the embroidered bees and caterpillar in these photos?

The photo on the left has embroidered ladybugs.

Many thanks to Celeste for a wonderful workshop. Hopefully we'll soon see more examples of embroidery on paper in upcoming exchange books.

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