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Monday, April 12, 2021


 The April NORBAG workshop featured Sandy Vrem via Zoom teaching about 50 members how to make a variety of “Folded Curiosities”. These prototypes will provide us with some great ideas on how to use the structures in cards or as inserts in books. We look forward to seeing how our members use them in future projects. Thank you Sandy for giving us an inspiring workshop. Catherine von Schwind made a wonderful "Thank You" card using one of the "Curiosities" folds.

Since we don’t have any other photographs of finished projects from the “Curiosities” workshop, we’ll share some photographs of some of the books in the latest exhibition, “Water is…”, in the Sherry Grover Gallery at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA). According to the statement by the museum curators, the exhibit features over 50 works by different book artists meditating upon what water means to them personally—literally, figuratively, and symbolically. Some book structures employed by these artists seem to seek to contain water, while accordion books suggest eternal cycles. Cloth books soften the water’s fall and flag books create waves. We apologize for not having the names of the artists who made these beautiful books.

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