Tuesday, November 17, 2020


 Our East Coast member, Mary Elizabeth Nelson, gave a wonderful workshop this past weekend. She led us through the steps to make a variation of the piano-hinge album shown in the book The Art of the Fold by Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol. Forty-three NORBAG members participated via Zoom.

Mary Elizabeth Nelson (aka Emmy)

This is one of the example books Emmy
 made using her cyanotype papers.

Examples of Emmy's pages

Preparing the accordion spine to cut out the holes
for the stick or dowel.

We were sent a materials list along with instructions to have some of the materials cut and folded prior to the workshop. This book was designed to have four pages with Mylar inserts to showcase flat objects. It was great to see the different items that were chosen, such as dried leaves, papers, buttons, and mark-making designs. A few members also made slight variations to the design by keeping a flap to cover one side of the window or adding a feature that allowed the center of the page to spin. Below are examples of some of the books that were completed.

Dolores Guffey used antique buttons in her book.

The covers were marbled by Dolores.

DJ Gaskin

DJ used various leaves in her windows.

Edge Gerring

Edge used leaves as a background for the words of a poem.

Michele Kamprath

Michele showcased her mark-making
techniques in the windows of her book.

Bonnie Julien

Bonnie left the flap to cover the front of the window,
but cut out the entire part of the back window so you
 can still see the leaf print of the paper in front but the 
leaf shows against a plain background in the back.

Margaret Beech made her book with window inserts
that would rotate within the space.

A Gallery of Gods by Betty Steckman

Many thanks to Mary Elizabeth for presenting a great workshop. 

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