Sunday, August 16, 2020


Once again we dipped our toes in the testing waters by having a Zoom meeting for our members. Dolores presented a plethora of hints, tips, & tools (although the difference between hints & tips wasn't fully explained). In any case, we had 42 members join in the meeting, 17 locals and 25 from outside of Humboldt County. Being able to Zoom has allowed us to connect with members both close by and far away during these trying times. We will continue the monthly Zoom meeting/workshops as long as we have members volunteering to teach from their computer to ours. Thank you Celeste, for getting us started and showing us how. And now it is time for NORBAG to set up our own Zoom account.


Here are some of the items we looked at…

Piercing Tools

Different types of needles

Background - DMC #5 Perle cotton (skein & box)
Other threads shown: bookbinder's linen thread; waxed linen thread;
buttonhole thread; sample card from Royalwood, supplier of waxed linen threads

 covered brick, sad irons, marble base from a trophy, soft leather drafting weight, small box filled with lead weights

Measuring rule set
 brass set of metal bars ranging in size from 1" to 1/8"
(available at hardware stores, look for K&S Metal Stock)

Centering Ruler (centering ruler #80003)

Glue Brush
Crayola So Big, on chopstick rest
When you don't wash out your glue brush and the next day (week or month) you find it hard and stiff...don't throw it out. Just soak it overnight in rubbing alcohol and the next day it is good as new. Just pick out a few glue strands and rinse well. If you leave the cap off of your glue stick and it is all hard...just use a craft knife to slice off the hard area and you're good to go (and try to remember to replace the cap next time).

At the end of the presentation we showed the July and August exchange books, and our members were able to discuss their book while it was on the screen. It was a wonderful way to share our creativity.

Special thanks to Dolores, Bobbie & Celeste and everyone else who contributed.

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