Friday, April 24, 2020


Since we, and most of the world, are staying home in hope of flattening the curve of coronavirus cases, this blog will strive to offer suggestions and projects from some of our members. We will try to update the blog every two weeks, so be sure to check in for new ideas as well as information about when regular NORBAG workshops will resume. Remember to scroll down for previous projects sent by our members. We've had some problems with the blog program and photos have disappeared to be replaced with a box with a hyphen inside. We've reinstalled photos and hope the problem doesn't happen again.

Bobbie H. was challenged to make a mask out of paper and she accomplished the task in ten minutes. She said she “made it exactly like the ones I’m sewing, including the bedsheet bias tape and the sewing machine. (And just like sewing the real masks, I ran out of bobbin thread right in the middle.)"

Bobbie H. modeling her paper mask that matches the cover of her book.

Here is a new structure from Margaret Beech. She calls it “Sending Sunshine” and says it is easy to make and guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipient. Using a sheet of A4 copy paper you can make an envelope to fit your card. Make it exactly the same way as you make the card but change the measurements from the center of the diagonals to 1 cm.

The following are some wonderful examples of how our members are spending their time at home.

Michele K's star book

Michele's star book showing the covers.

Michele's reverse piano hinge book using her eco-dyed papers.

Michele's Diamond X book also uses her eco-dyed papers.

Edge's fish book under construction.

The fish attached to the accordion.

The finished book.

Randi P. makes miniature boxes and books. This book is 1"
square when folded closed. This book is a sample model.

The book highlights shapes and colors.

Molly M. took Helen Hiebert's online Paper Weaving class. She wrote, "Instead of using all strips, I cut my weft strips into the cover paper for these journals and then wove the other two colors through.  It was great fun!!  All of the journals will have ribbon bookmarks with bead embellishments."

Molly's "tumbling blocks" style weaving.

The delicate colors would be perfect for a wedding book.

Cards made by Kris N. Kris wrote, "one of my projects for the “retreat” time we are having is to send a card a day to someone. I have been making 'inchie' cards, which use one inch squares in a variety of ways. The first batch were from calligraphy inks dropped onto paper that had been squirted with water, and then sometimes squirted afterwards. My papers didn’t look like much but the inch squares were really fun to work with. I ran low on them and now am using papers made with alcohol ink on Yupo paper. I am using sparkly markers and line stickers for borders." 

More beautiful cards ready to be sent to lucky recipients.

Thanks to everyone who sent examples of their wonderful projects.

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