Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Do you love the look of real leather for book covers but the cost and hassles of working with it make you nervous? If so, then this is the workshop for you! There are many ways to treat paper to get the look and feel of real leather and Edge Gerring will lead us through the process. We will be learning two methods, using shoe polish and "distress ink" applied to craft paper, cardstock, and grocery bag paper. These two methods give a very nice pliable material with either a shiny or matte finish. the process is quick and not very messy, but it is advisable to wear gloves (provided).

Edge's scroll book, with faux leather cover. Additional photos
of this exchange book are in the NORBAG flickr gallery, July 2018.

Materials to bring:

  • 1 can of shoe polish, any color, if you have it (some will be available to share if you can't find any).
  • Ranger Distress Ink Pad(s), darker colors better, and pad must stand above the top of its plastic box

Shoe polish should be used with good ventilation (due to its toxic solvent fumes), so there will be a table set up in the back of the room near an open window with a fan blowing for those who want to try this method.

Leather comes in many colors, so for the ink pad method bring whatever ink pads you have, although darker colors are better. If you are buying an ink pad, some recommended Ranger Distress colors are: Aged Mahogany, Walnut, Vintage Photo, and Pine Needles.

Tools to bring:

  • Spray bottle, any size, with 3/4 cup (6 oz.) of water in it
  • Clean, soft rags (to apply & buff the polish)
  • Gloves, if you have favorites (some will be provided)
  • Old towel, newspaper or plastic sheet to protect the table

Edge will bring:

  • Glycerin
  • Craft paper, cardstock, grocery bag paper
  • Non-latex, disposable gloves, one size fits all & fits either hand
  • Heat guns for drying papers
  • Written instructions with a lot more information about other possible methods, plus websites with how-to videos

   Saturday, Nov. 9 at noon

Where:  Eureka Methodist Church, Del Norte & F Streets
Bring:    See above list
Cost:     $1.00
RSVP:    YES, by Monday Nov. 4 to Edge (contact information in the newsletter)

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