Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Now on display in Eureka at the main Humboldt County Library is a selection of handmade books and structures using the colors of autumn. A slinky-style book with each fall-colored page embellished with nature stamps is displayed near a Gocco print covered book titled “Afternoon Tea in Autumn”. Beautiful examples of eco-dyed leaves on handmade papers, and books with leaves embedded and encased also add to the autumn colors.

Accordion books include one with a paste-paper cover and original poem with paper birds sewn into each fold; another with faux-leather covers and pages of nature prints; and another woven accordion made with hand-painted art paper that is stamped with leaves. 

Also on display are books with a flexagon-fold and a wearable art book wristlet titled “If You Were a Book You’d Be Fine Print”. Other books display a variety of different binding techniques such as a bow-tie over ribbon; a herringbone binding; a floating picture book; a flag book; and a stab binding with macramé and beads. Welcome Autumn!

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