Sunday, June 9, 2019


We would like to recognize the accomplishments of two members of NORBAG. Peggy Marrs joined NORBAG in 1996 not long after its conception in September 1995. She has been the Project Page editor of our newsletter for many years and has put together all four volumes of our compendium. This has been a huge job and one that she has worked on tirelessly. It is no easy task to come up with an idea, structure, or technique and illustrate and describe it for others to duplicate month after month. We applaud her work as an artist and editor and thank her for the many years of wonderful book art. With her retirement as Project Page editor looming, a group of us who have worked with Peggy wanted to recognize her contributions with a special book. We each made little cards to tuck into a star book made by Michele Kamprath. Peggy was presented with the book by Michele and Dolores Guffey this past May on her 80th birthday.

Peggy on the left with Michele, Margaret Beech and Sandy Vrem at Newport

Another longtime member of NORBAG is currently being remembered with an exhibition of her own handmade books as well as books she received in exchanges. Elizabeth Ryan Minor was a member of NORBAG from 1998 until 2010 when she passed away from a rare disease. Currently, the Redwood Art Association gallery on F Street in Eureka, California, is showing a selection of Elizabeth's books. Hopefully, local members will visit the gallery to see this wonderful collection of books in person.

Elizabeth Ryan Minor

This exhibit is in memory of Elizabeth Ryan Minor.
Known for her generous heart and artistic eye.
Made of light and love, beauty and courage.
Her memory is cherished by family and friends alike.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the book for Peggy and to Michele,  Dolores, Diane Williams and Maggie Stimson for the photographs.

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