Tuesday, April 23, 2019



Now on display in the kiosk inside the Humboldt County Library are 26 nature themed books created by members of the North Redwoods Book Arts Guild. Peggy Marrs water colored plants and animals and bound them into a lovely book. Dolores Guffey used her marbling technique on corrugated paper, die cut into tree shapes and placed them in the accordion folds of a book with nature quotes. Bobbie Hayes created a flag book based on nature walks along the Hikshari’ Trail. Lynne Gurnee created Mylar windowed views of nature in a piano hinge accordion book. Michele Kamprath used autumn colors and dry leaves to print on black and white papers in a flora book. Edith Fuller, in Oregon, made a beautiful book with painted nature prints by a local artist. Carole Maurer, in Pennsylvania, hand lettered a whirligig book, The Mosquito, and reminded us that the mosquito is Alaska’s unofficial state bird. And that describes a few of the beautiful books that celebrate our wondrous earth. 

From the Earth Day website: In nature, nothing exists alone. - Rachel Carson, 1962

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