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Sunday, February 10, 2019


A new exhibit at Collins Memorial Library on the campus of the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington demonstrates what can happen when some encyclopedias outlive their purpose. In June of 2018 members of Puget Sound Book Artists (PSBA) and other local artists were invited to take home a discarded encyclopedia volume and transform it into an art object that may or may not resemble its original form. The artists created new structures and gave new life, meaning and relevance to the volumes. The pages and spines were deconstructed, shredded, stitched, molded, folded, drilled and stacked resulting in pieces of art that demonstrate the unique approaches to each individual's creative process. Pictured here is a sample of some of the wonderful "books" on display. This exhibit will run through May 12 and is well worth a visit.

Mary Queen of Scots by Judy Cook

Anamnesis by Patricia Chupa

by Bonnie Julien

by Mark Hoppmann

by Lucia Harrison

A Shred of Humanity by Mark Hoppmann

Food For Thought by MalPina Chan

by Theresa Owens

by Kim Izenman

Lady Britannica by Jan Ward

by Gabby Cooksey

Principal Designers, Maloy Moore & Carlisle Huntington

Index Evolved by Dorothy McCuistion

by Deborah Greenwood
The paper for this book was made from the shredded volume
and tiny letters can be seen in the specks within the paper.

by Theresa Owens

Boots by Leslie Levenson

by Becky Frehse

by Sharon Styer

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  1. Amazing work from old encyclopedias. Very inspiring.