Monday, June 18, 2018


On June 9, 2018, Michele Kamprath led a workshop for a strap journal. We started with a text block of four signatures. It is a simple text block made with a kettle stitch at the head and tail of the spine and a single long stitch in the middle. What sets this book apart is that the long stitch is sewn over a strap that is then woven through the cover to bind the cover to the text block.

As usual, we all started with the same instructions and ended up with many different looking books.

Michele brought several examples of how the strap can connect to the covers.

This is Donna G's book that shows the structure (both front and back cover). You can clearly see the long stitches through the window cutout. The strap stayed on the inside of the cover and then popped out and right back in.

The text block is made of four signatures with a kettle stitch at the head and tail
of the text block. A paper strip is caught by a single long stitch in the middle.

The paper is folded to make the one-half inch spine in the middle of the cover.

We "dry fit" the book in the cover. The band is not yet connected to the cover. Also notice that the cover extends beyond the signature. It will be folded back (to the inside) to result in an uncut lead edge for strength and appearance. It can also cover some of the mechanics of the structure.

Our next step was to measure the opening in the cover of the spine to show the stitching and the strap. There are several ways to cut this hole. It can be as simple as a cutout, or cutting an "I" that looks like cupboard doors that open resulting in two small cuts and two folded edges, or cutting an "X" cut that results in four folded edges.

 The next photos show variations for the strap.

This strap comes outside the opening and then is buried within the cover.

This strap starts outside of the cover and then weaves in-out-in on the cover.

This strap stays inside the cover until it pops out with a decorative cut end.

The front part of this strap stays outside of the hole and dips into a crescent shaped slit on the left. The back side of the strap is extended around the front and into another crescent shaped cut.

Take a look at the variety of books.

Hope you like them.

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