Saturday, September 9, 2017

Margaret Beech - Workshop - Part 2

On Saturday, April 28, Margaret Beech gave a workshop. Part 1 was put on the blog in early May. Now you will see the remaining pictures from her workshop. We started at 9:30 am and continued until 4:00 pm with a book exchange in the middle. We have already shown the Two Color Cut-out Maze book and the Origami Box with a Tato “Lid”. Margaret also presented a Double flag book and a 12 Pocket Wallet with Strip Tease Binding. Margaret admitted that it was actually an Australian reverse piano hinge binding but “strip tease” sounds so much more fun.
Margaret Beech

 12 Pocket Wallet with "Strip Tease" Binding

For the "origami" wallet, we started with a piece of text weight paper and folded it. 
We cut out a tab in the upper left and right so that the tab would fit flatly when finished.
We folded all of the flaps inward.
We flipped the unit over, folded it in half and tucked the tab
 under the diagonal folds. We made two of these little wallets.
We took another paper and made an accordion with an "m" shaped unit. 
The mountains will be inserted in slits in the spine of the wallet.

When the mountain fold is put through the slit in the wallet,
 it is locked into place with a locking tab.
The outside of the wallet also has the diagonal folds
 and we slide the ends of the accordion under them.
This is a view of the inside.  A variation would be to make the wallet (or not)
 and slide a signature in the reverse piano hinge and use a separate cover.

Double Flag Book

Margaret also made a double flag book. She sewed two accordions together forming a honeycomb of sorts.

Two strips are cut and folded for the accordion pages. 
One valley (shown) is sewn to the mountain fold behind it.

Look closely and you can see the pamphlet stitch that connects each fold. You can see the honeycomb formed below. If you try this, make sure to sew before you start putting on the flags.

After sewing, we put on the flags. Make sure that you put the flags
on the accordion so that the pattern is pleasing to you.

And then there were lots of samples!

The center flags are from boxes. The top and bottom are pictures.

Valerie looks like a very happy camper!

These flag books are displayed next to the Tato boxes.
  What a myriad of colors.


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