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Monday, November 21, 2016


This month's meeting was a lot of fun.  Our book exchange had 17 miniature books. Eight of them were from out-of-towners.  (Make sure to stop back by here after the first of the month to see the pictures of the books by tapping on the Guild Flickr Gallery button to the left.) We had a full house for the meeting.

Lara Cox led our workshop. She showed us how to make one version of a tunnel book, but everyone had such creativity that there was a lot of variety in the books that were made.

Lara brought some samples to show us many variations and how to customize our books. We started by making the base of the tunnel book which is the accordion fold. Then we moved on to looking at the layers that would fill the book.

Measuring the accordion fold.

 Working on the pages/frames of the tunnel books
There were several different methods of adding to the frames. This member has a single picture and is now carefully cutting out the pages in the front to resemble trees that you look through to see the picture.

Here, rubber stamps were used to make the scene

Some simply devised a scene from each page color.

We put the pages together with paperclips to see if we liked the composition

We glued each page from back to front from only one side.
Another view of inserting the pages.

Then we glued the remaining side from back to front and called it done.

And this is what we made

Lara's sample using Suminigashi

Lara's icy sample

We were all as happy as Michele H. is with this workshop.

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