Saturday, September 24, 2016


Beth McIlraith gave us a workshop on a book she calls a split image flip book. It's a stab bound book in which each page has three panels running horizontally. We started by making a template for the pages. After making the template, we used it as a guide for placing our images. Beth gave us many tips for placing our images on the page (for example, make sure that if you are using people, have all of their heads at the same level). Then, with the images pasted to the page, we cut the individual pages using the template. We then sewed the pages together with a stab binding.

It was really fun. We had a few people trying out slightly different things. Sandy V. used differently positioned cuts.  Kathy W. had the slits vertically through the images of four legged animals. All were delightful.


Michele H. is cutting images

Beth is showing positioning tips.

Beth said to place the face of each of the images in the same position.

The images used don't need to be all of people. This one has a bear and a cactus.

Cutting partway through each of the pages leaving the binding area uncut.

We used a simple stab binding after compiling pages and decorating the cover.

And now for some of the sample pages

Kathy had time to do two books. This one is about birds.

Remember that cactus?

The cactus is back as the face!

Kathy W. positioned the book vertically and used animals.

Just about every imaginable image was used.

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