Tuesday, July 26, 2016

June and July, 2016 Workshop Photos

In this post we are featuring photos from both the June and July 2016 NORBAG workshops.

Bobbie Hayes conducted the origami fold "wallet book" workshop in June and so didn’t have a chance to take photos. At that workshop we were fortunate to have Lara Cox show examples of her kirigami which is a variation of origami that includes folding and cutting paper. In addition to her exchange book, she brought two hats inspired by 1920's era fashion. The various fold elements include free form flowers as well as spiral cuts and a kirigami fishnet to partially cover the face. The photos below show Lara's beautiful examples of "kirigami fascinators".

The July workshop, titled "Sculptural Leporello", was taught by Michele Kamprath. A leporello is an accordion-like structure that can be of any number of pages. 
Take a look at all of the variations!

There are two basic components of the leporello. The pink is the card with a single "V" fold and the green/pink is the same size card that is folded into a "W" and collapses inside the single fold.

The outer "W" fold can be cut, stamped or decorated in almost any manner.

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