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Friday, March 25, 2016

A visit with Randi Parkhurst

Welcome to the studio of Randi Parkhurst in Olympia, Washington.  This is where you’ll usually find Randi and her three canine assistants Sadie, Isis, and Maxine. While we usually associate Randi just with book related artwork, that is by no means her only creative endeavor.  She also paints, weaves, knits, and will try most any kind of art. Since her mother, Nikki, is also an accomplished artist Randi comes by her talent naturally. Her studio is filled with art work, mostly her own, but also contains signs, pictures, and other items that provide a spark for her creativity. When she needs inspiration she spreads out things that she loves…colored pens and pencils, organic things like seeds and shells, old metal objects, and beautiful papers. Pictured below are photos of Randi and her studio. For links to vimeos of two of her most popular pieces, Patience and Tansu Gothic, visit her website

Randi with Isis and Tansu Gothic

The studio inspiration wall

Favored items

Randi makes paper beads

Lots of beads!!

Smaller books on display

Randi's beautiful hand painted papers


Randi and her lap assistant, Maxine

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