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Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 Holiday Card Exchange and Social

   Each December, we forgo our usual workshop and instead we exchange cards and have a social event. All members are invited whether they participate in the exchange or not. Each of us who sign up for the exchange make a card for the rest of the exchange participants. This year we made 29 cards. Generally each of us decides individually what structure and theme we will use. This year themes ranged from solstice to holiday cards. The card structures can take almost any form.  We had conventional cards, ornaments, origami and explosion folds, and even a three dimensional box. Cards were made with wrapping and scrapbook papers, art papers of all kinds, rubber stamps, colored pencils, glitter, pens, and new and recycled items. Digital arts, hand drawn and colored cards, and folded structures were represented.

For the past several years, Sandy V. has hosted our get together in her home in Arcata, California. Her home is on a hillside and filled with windows framing the forest outside.

We bring both sweet and savory goodies that are served in the kitchen.

We gather in Sandy's living room and see the forest outside her windows. This year it was raining and the drops of water looked like crystals on the bare branches just outside the windows.
Each year, Dolores sets up the dining room table for the actual exchange.

When we arrive, we put our edibles in the kitchen.
We cover two tables with sweets and savory items as well as coffee, tea and punch.
And we laugh and talk (Sandy V. and Peggy M.)
We put our cards on the tables and take a quick peek at them before the actual exchange.

Then we take a bag and go around the table gathering one of each card. Our out-of-towners have bags that are filled by Dolores.
Once all of the cards are distributed, we sit in the living room and each member tells us how the card was made and the stories that relate to it.  Dolores reads the colophons for the out-of-towners. 

And then we chat some more.

All of us wish everyone a great holiday season. May you also have a wonderful New Year filled with book and paper projects!

Back Row from left to right: Diane W; Sandy V; in front her are Connie S and Sara C;
Standing: Becky M; Edge G; Kathy W; Vicki V; Miriam H.; Ellen G with Beth M behind her; JoAnn B; Peggy M; Alex S.

Seated in front: Lara C; Lynne G; Gisela R; Debbie K; Michele K; Michele O; Dolores G; Sandy W; Andy S; Susan B.
Missing: Bobbie H., who took the photo.

Just a reminder: The pictures of the exchange cards will be posted at the end of the month on Flickr. Just look to the left of this post and you can see "Flickr Photos" button. Click on that and you will see Ellen's photos.
Also, the photos on this page can be seen in a larger format. Just click on them.

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