Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tunnel Book with Vicki Van Horn

Vicki's clever Tunnel Book with a heart motif
Come make a peep show or a tunnel of love or bugs...

We will be making this simple tunnel book from an Ed Hutchins design and decorating the edges with your choice of rubber stamps (or small cut out images) to create an environment of wonder (or strangeness).

A simple theme, story or saying with related images will be most successful. In the basic structure there are three "windows" and a single fore and aft page to manipulate in any fashion you choose. It can be left whole as an intro page or glued to the first tunnel page to double and strengthen it, or slide or be glued into a pre-made cover or what ever else you choose.

Paper cut to size for the structure will be provided but please bring the following items and your creative ideas and prepare to tunnel in.

Materials to bring:
♦ Bone Folder
♦ Stylus for scoring
♦ 18-inch ruler
♦ Double stick tape (1/8" & 1/4")
or glue stick (or both)
♦ X-acto knife or other cutting tool
or punch for windows
♦ Binder clips (optional)
♦ Cutting surface
♦ Scissors
♦ Small rubber stamps
♦ Stamp pads

Saturday, March 8

Our usual location:
BSS 166 at HSU


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