Monday, November 4, 2013

Star Tunnel Book

In this month’s workshop, Michele Kamprath will be teaching us how to make a small star-tunnel book. 

There are many types of star books. This one has three layers with the first two layers open to a decorated back layer. This is a fun little structure that has lots of possibilities. 

You will need to bring the items listed below.

Materials and tools to bring:

  • 3 strips of paper: 3" x 17" (this shortest strip is the one you may want to decorate), 3" x 19-1/2", and 3" x 22" * 
  • 2 covers: 3-1/4" X 2" (boards already covered if you have time) 
  • Bead/s for closure, if desired 
  • Small pictures, bits of paper, or stamps to decorate back panel 
  • Clips like clothes pins to hold paper strips together 
  • PVA and/or Glue Stick 
  • Awl 
  • Cutting mat 
  • Cutting tool 
  • Needle and thread 
  • Ruler 
*Note from Michele: Mi-Teintes weight paper or Fabriano, paper (available at Ellis Art & Engineering and Michaels) would be good paper choices or light to medium weight cardstock. You might think of decorating the front paper strip either by using decorated paper or stamping the front strip keeping in mind that there will be a window cut out for each section. Thicker wrapping paper that holds a fold might work well for a front strip though I haven’t tried it. 

What will be provided:
  • Double-sided tape
  • Some beads
  • Instructional handout
We'll be back in our usual room, BSS 166 at HSU, Saturday, November 9 at noon. There is a 50 cent fee for materials. Please RSVP Michele by Wednesday prior to the workshop. Her contact details are in the newsletter.

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