Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Coptic Workshop Addendum

From Dolores:

If you are planning on binding all (or more than one) of your compendiums into one book by taking apart previous compendiums, you can hide the previous sewing holes in the following manner:

Cut a piece of paper (decorative, plain, or colored) 11" x 1" grain long. You will need one strip for each signature of each compendium (16 strips total, if binding all 4 compendiums). Gently fold each strip in half (do not bone it flat). Run a glue stick along the spine edge of a signature; place the folded strip around the signature and press onto the signature. You are only tacking the strip; the glue will hold it in place when you re-pierce your signatures. Do not glue the entire strip to the signature, just the spine edge.

It won't matter where your previous holes were punched, as you will make a new jig to pierce all of the signatures and the wrapped strip will be the only visible spine to show off your Coptic stitching. As you can see from my book, all 4 volumes are bound as one. I used alternate colors for each volume (cream for volumes 1 & 3 and grey for volumes 2 & 4).

(See below for full workshop description)

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