Thursday, March 17, 2011

Opportunities Abound

Paul Johnson workshop, San Francisco Center for the Book
When this editor (Michele O.) first joined NORBAG I knew little about the art of making books. The monthly workshops helped me grow by leaps and bounds and I was always amazed at how creative our members were with their ideas—this is still the case today! I also had the good fortune to have a daughter who lived six blocks from the San Francisco Center for the Book and I took a number of one to two day courses that allowed me to fully immerse myself into the art of making books. Spending hours with a group of artists exploring the myriad topics involved in book arts is a luxury akin to long bubble baths and I highly recommend it. Since then I've enjoyed many in-depth workshops and would encourage those of you who might be interested in more extensive instruction to consider participating in the following upcoming or ongoing events, all recommended by members:

There are also classes a little closer to home:

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