Friday, March 5, 2010

March Workshop--1,000 Books for Literacy

Earlier this year our board approved a special fund-raising effort to help the nonprofit Humboldt Literacy Project. Their mission is to teach Humboldt County adults the literacy skills they need on the job, at home and in our community. They also work to promote public awareness of the magnitude and negative effects of illiteracy.

At this workshop we will begin assembling 1,000 books which will be made from a single sheet of paper. These will be cut and folded to make small books that will be sold for $1.00 at a fund-raising event at Eureka Books on September 3rd. All proceeds will benefit Humboldt Literacy Project.

The pages will come printed. All we need to do is fold, cut and attach the covers. The topics for the little books so far are Peace, Nature, Art, Reading and a Child’s Book. You will be able to take materials home if you wish to continue working on this project. 

Please come help with this very worthy cause.

What to bring:

Bone folder

Metal ruler
Cutting mat
Craft knife 
Glue stick
Scrap paper 
Colored pencils

Nature stamps
Papers for covers: we will need pieces that are about 5x6"…don’t pre-cut. Keep in mind the topics: Peace, Nature, Art, Reading and a Child’s Book. We suggest primary colors for the Child’s Book.

Sandy Vrem will bring the printed pages, some pre-cut covers and whatever she can think of to enhance the covers.

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