Saturday, December 19, 2009

Annual Holiday Card Exchange

North Coast Book Arts Guild
Annual Holiday Card Exchange
Handmade Card by Andrea Penn,

This event is a favorite with our book artists. Members sign up to make cards and then make enough cards for everyone who signed up. It is the only exchange where we meet at someone's home and have food! It's a very joyful occasion where we get to appreciate the creativity of a large number of members from all over the United States as well as some of our international members. So, for those who attended this exchange and for those who could not, the following photos may help you enjoy some of the activities.

After collecting one of each set of cards members relaxed in Sandy's living room with its beautiful holiday decorations and listened as each colophon was read. If you have never participated in an exchange this is really one you should consider. 

Two of our members drove all the way from Sacramento with their sets of cards. 
You might notice that no one is eating yet. Food plays second fiddle to books. However, offerings of food were almost as exciting as the cards.

Many of us will never forget this exchange because we were missing a set of cards from a member in Portland. She mailed them FedEx but they had not arrived the morning of the exchange.  When we found out that they had finally arrived and were going to be delivered by a member's husband, the results were an exciting end to this year's exchange.

Thank you Jerome!

And here they are, over thirty handmade casebound books.

For photos and colophons of all of the exchange cards, visit our website!
Happy Holidays to you all!


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