Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November's Meeting: Another Swap, Sale and Share Event!

We apologize for getting the workshop info posted so late this month. Most months we plan to have it up  much sooner.

That said, November's workshop won't be a workshop. Instead, we'll be having a pre-holiday sale, swap and share event. Think of this as an eccentric and fun book arts swap meet. We'll also be having a tips and ideas exchange. Do you have a tool you love? A method of doing something that you don't think many others know about? Please come share it with us.

Are your piles of unused supplies getting to be a bit much? Do you have extras you'd like to sell? How about craft books and magazines? Bring 'em! Get some cash to restock with more supplies. Or offer them in trade...the choice is yours to make. Also keep in mind that the winter holiday season is only a month away. Have you made any little gift items that you think your fellow bookmakers might want to buy?

The usual place on the HSU campus (details are in the newsletter)

Usual time: 12 noon, Sat. Nov. 14th


What to bring?
Supplies, stuff to destash, stuff to sell, stuff to give away...also please consider bringing a favorite tool or material to share in our tips exchange.

Or just come to browse and enjoy the company.

Further information can be found in the November newsletter.

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  1. I really wish I could be there! I just bought reverse grip tweezers and these will definitely be one of my favorite tools.