Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Visit with The Wandering Book Artists

On June 27, the Humboldt Bay area received a visit by "The Wandering Book Artists", Donna and Peter Thomas. After traveling about the US for over 230 days in their handcrafted gypsy wagon this talented couple was headed home. These ambassadors of the books arts taught many workshops (some of you might remember the NORBAG  workshop they gave a number of years ago), sold books, and talked about books to anyone who was interested. Many of our local guild members were traveling back from Focus on Book Arts in Forest Grove, Oregon but thanks to the organizing skills of Bonnie Julien some of our members were able to share a potluck dinner with the Thomases at the Arcata Marsh. 
Their colorful gypsy wagon attracted a lot of attention and we all had a great time in spite of the bit of drizzle we encountered. 
Visit their blog by clicking on The Wandering Book Artists and you can follow along on their adventures. They have included a post about their Humboldt visit and they have a link to their website which features their creative books. The photos above were taken by Bonnie Julien, Michele Olsen, and Rollie Lamberson.

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