Friday, July 15, 2011

Bow-Tie Binding, Workshop Results

This workshop was the second of two, the first being the creation of embossed copper covers. This workshop, taught by Dolores Guffey, led members through the complicated bow-tie binding. The binding holds the signatures together and she designed a way of attaching the copper covers without needing to drill holes. The following pictures will give you some idea of the process.
Dolores created kits for each participant,
Creating a template for piercing signatures,

Piercing the signatures. This is a very creative sewing cradle,
Signatures pierced and ready to sew.

Running thread through beeswax.

Dolores assisting a member.

Sewing signatures with bands in place.
The bow-ties make their appearance.

Sewing completed, end papers added, ready to add covers.
The finished product of two monthly workshops!

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