Friday, July 29, 2011

August, 2011, Workshop

presented by LORETTA GARCIA
Our August workshop is dedicated to making and donating a handmade journal for each of 25 visiting authors who are participating in Humboldt County's 2011 Author Festival. This wonderful program brings authors to local schools for presentations on the author’s work, techniques, illustrations, and more. Each author visits a number of classrooms and participates in a book signing event at the Humboldt County Library. In preparation for each Author Festival the organizing committee puts together a “gift bag” for the authors that represents some aspect of Humboldt County. I thought this might be a perfect opportunity to bring two book-loving organizations together! For this project we have chosen “Vintage Children’s Literature” as the theme. All materials will be provided, including a vintage children’s book for altering into the journal structure. The covers of the vintage book will be used as the cover of the journal. Art and text from the vintage book will be used to embellish selected pages of the journal. The five signatures that will make up the interior of the book will be bound with the Exposed Spine Binding with the Bow-tie stitch that Dolores Guffey taught at the July workshop (see the July Blog Post for pictures of spine designs). If members prefer, a children’s book of their own can be used. We are looking for usable covers from a much loved children’s book that would most likely be recognized by all. Also, members can volunteer to make more than one journal to donate, as we have 25 authors participating in the 2011 event.
What to bring:
• Sewing cradle (if you have one)
• Piercing tool
• Beeswax
• Scissors
• Bone folder
• Pencil & ruler
• Children's book (optional)
What will be provided:
• Needles & Thread
• Tapes on which signatures will be sewn
• Endpapers
• Two-sided adhesive tape
• Extra sewing cradles
• Extra beeswax
• Children's book

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