Thursday, July 23, 2015

Humboldt County Library Kiosk Display

A new display in the Humboldt County library kiosk features books from NORBAG's out-of-town members. Many of these books were made for our local book exchanges, and others were made for exhibitions and subsequently  purchased by other members. It takes a bit more planning to participate in the monthly book exchanges when you live outside of Humboldt County, but it is well worth the effort and certainly appreciated by all of us. Many thanks to Becky M. for arranging and maintaining the kiosk displays. Also, you can see each month's exchange books by tapping the link labeled "Flickr photos" on the left.

Margaret Beech, York, England

Margaret Beech, York, England

Jill McInerney, Yorkshire, England

Jill McInerney, Yorkshire, England

Becky Luening, Portland, Oregon

Becky Luening, Portland, Oregon

Bonnie Julien, Bremerton, Washington

Bonnie Julien, Bremerton, Washington

Carol Stallard, Shelton, Washington

Catherine von Schwind, Pebble Beach, California

Catherine von Schwind, Pebble Beach, California

Edith Fuller, Portland, Oregon

Karen Butts, Dragoon, Arizona

Linda Hirsch, Coquille, Oregon

Mary Conley, Victoria, B.C., Canada

Mary Elizabeth Nelson, Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Sandy Hansen, Denver, Colorado

Randi Parkhurst, Olympia, Washington

Pamela Eberly, Hatch, New Mexico

Vivienne Bruce, Victoria, B.C., Canada

Monday, July 13, 2015

Christmas in July Workshop

There was a great turnout of 28 members for Beth McIlraith's ornament-making workshop this past weekend. Participants made book oriented circle ornaments as well as little star books that can be tied and hung as an ornament. 

These little ornaments and books were not made using typical Christmas icons. The pictures and text came from the text blocks that Beth does not use when making her Second Chance journals. 

The ornament structures are made from unused papers from her journals. Both of the structures are small enough to collapse and enclose with cards. She also brought pages from books by Beatrix Potter, and other books such as Winnie the Pooh, that were destined for recycling.

Thank you to Beth for her creative workshop and Dolores for providing the photographs.

Beth setting up her supplies and ornament examples

Beth demonstrating the star book

Pat C., Lynne G., and Leila S. work on their circle ornaments

Circles ready to assemble

Completed circle ornaments

Assembling the star book pieces

A finished star book

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

CHRISTMAS IN JULY with Beth McIlraith

 Christmas in July...a chance to make some fun ornaments using recycled books. 

When: Saturday, July 11 at 12 noon
Where: Eureka Methodist Church
RSVP: Yes, by July 8

We'll make two structures. The first, a series of circles with a cord and beads, was designed by Beth.

The second structure is a modified "star book" copied (with her permission) from Bobbie Hayes' Christmas card exchange item last year. This small book or card can be tied open into a star ornament.

Beth will provide all of the illustrations, cardstock, beads, ribbon and cord. Everything will be cut to size and ready to use. We'll have lots of time to explore variations on the structures. Since the process is pretty simple, our goal will be to have several well-made ornaments to take home. There will also be extra sets to take home and put together later...which means we will have plenty to keep AND give away!

Tools to Bring:

  • Bone folder (Teflon ones are great if you have one)
  • Cutting mat
  • Small ruler
  • Scissors (small)
  • Waste paper to glue on (old catalog, magazine, etc.)
  • Pencil and pens
  • OPTIONAL: Metallic pens, colored pencils
Materials Provided:
  • Cardstock & illustrations (cut to size) including extras to take home
  • Glue sticks
  • Double stick tape
  • Beads, cord, and ribbon
  • Printed instructions
Materials Fee: $3.00

By the way--Beth is down-sizing in preparation for a move. As a result, we will have access to both free and sale items from her stash.

RSVP by July 8 to Beth. Her contact information can be found in the newsletter.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Humboldt County Library Kiosk Featured Artists

There have been so many different book art events and exhibitions lately that we got a little behind in posting photos of the kiosk display at the Humboldt County Library. Beginning in May, and still showing, the featured artists are Edge Gerring and Lynne GurneeEdge and Lynne both joined NORBAG early in 2014 and have been making beautiful creative books ever since. If you haven't yet seen this exhibit we hope these photos will pique your interest. 

Lynne said,"I joined NORBAG in January 2014 and have especially enjoyed the challenge of making a book each month for the book exchange (optional participation), and I am inspired by what I receive in return. Some of the complicated designs in bookmaking are like mental push-ups, great creative exercise for my brain.”

Edge shared, “I thought my first taste of book and paper arts was in March 2014. I had been invited to come to a NORBAG meeting by a friend. I had such a good time learning how to make a tunnel book - still a favorite structure of mine - that I signed up there and then. It wasn’t until later that I remembered I had enjoyed making an accordion fold travel journal several years before with the help of a friend who was also a NORBAG member. It just hadn’t occurred to me at that time that I should join the group! Now there is no going back. Learning the structures, handling all the amazing papers that are available, even designing my own structures is an endless source of pleasure, challenge, creativity, and fun.”

The following photos feature books that were received by Edge and Lynne in the monthly exchanges and were made by other guild members.