Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Focus on Book Arts 2011

First, let me explain that there are very few photos of our experiences at Focus on Book Arts 2011 because we were all so busy during the four days of workshops that we had little time to take out our cameras! Five local NORBAG members and eleven (yes, eleven!) out-of-town members converged on Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon for workshops by some of the most creative book artists working today. The photos below represent the work of four of our local members.
Caterpillar Stitch book by Sandy Vrem

Caterpillar Stitch Book by Michele Kamprath, closeup of top caterpillar.

Longstitch with Beads, Leather Cover by Michele Olsen
Drawing in Nature (sticks, watercolor, sepia ink) by Sandy Vrem
Inset and Raised Cover Designs by Dolores Guffey
Wooden Covers, Tyvek spine by Michele Olsen
Interior wooden pages with moveable parts by Michele Olsen
 Our evenings will filled with book exhibits and lectures but we did manage time to have breakfast together, thanks to Becky Leuning, our member from Portland. Becky brought oatmeal from home, and the rest of us brought assorted food items. 
Our oatmeal feast complete with raisins, chocolate chips, bananas, prunes (!)

Becky serving her oatmeal. Many Thanks!

Michele K., Dolores, and Sandy enjoying the condiments and company.
 The next Focus on Book Arts is scheduled for 2013.

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