Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stamps and Stencils Workshop Results

We had a great turnout for the Valentine Card exchange; it's always great fun to see how twenty book artists interpret the Valentine theme. These cards (or books) were made by some of our out-of-town members. Thank You!
The workshop focused on creating our own stamps using Fun Foam or meat trays. Sandy V. was the instructor and she had many great examples, inspiring us all to snip away and come of with some really good results.
To see a slide show of stamps being constructed, completed stamps, and results of the printing, please visit Stamps and Stencils. This is a Picasa website and you can view the workshop as a slide show. We will certainly see more handmade stamps and stencils showing up in our books. Great fun and some great chocolate candies.


  1. Michele, you are a wonder getting this up on the same day as the meeting! Great pictures capturing the spirit of the workshop. Thanks also to Sandy V. for conducting the workshop.

  2. I think it was the box of chocolates I found in the front of the room. Also, I just love having a workshop where there is a goodie bag of bookmaking treats.